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LIKENESS: Minnie Driver. Physically, has two sets of arms and a thin tail, but will try to hide those in conventional surroundings.

SPECIES: Supernatural.

PERSONALITY: Friendly and approachable, but can go off on tangents and give the impression of being scatter-brained and easily distracted. Has some hang-ups about being in a physical, Earth-bound body.

ABILITIES Palmistry and dancing. Can be knowledgeable about certain historical relics.

HISTORY: Originally a nymph-like hand-maiden, Livia led a somewhat care-free existence as part of a higher being's retinue, not on Earth, but in celestial realms. This all changed, however, when she was chosen to be transformed into a weapon - the ideal way of concealing such a thing from enemies.

Unfortunately, the capacity for free will wasn't exactly factored into matters and, upon being commanded to vanquish a foe, Livia undertook the sin of disagreement. Needless to say, this did not sit too well with her proverbial employer and to Earth she was cast.

Exile, though, was not to prove Livia's downfall. A stranger in a strange land, perhaps, not without her wits and, providing certain anatomical differences could be hidden, this new lease on freedom was turning out to be an opportunity for new beginnings. Had lived in the service of another for so long, that doing anything for herself was quite the novelty.

While she doesn't appear to have aged much, if at all (which does nothing to prevent her privately fretting over the potential for it), Livia has been around since at least Victorian times and has wound up with a lower-class English accent. Without any obvious destiny, she's slipped into what she enjoys doing the most and is presently employed as an entertainment manager in Las Vegas at Ragnarok; a supernatural-friendly bar hidden below a haunted house attraction, which gives cover for any obviously non-human entities which go through its doors and, when she isn't introducing acts for the night, the four-armed Livia has a small booth reserved, ironically, for palm-reading.
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